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How I Closed a $1M Annual B2B Contract in Less Than Four Months Using Content

Here is a webinar I did for MarketingProfs in 2022 in which I detail how I brought in a new customer and a $1,000,000 annual contract with content in less than four months after the publication of said content.

The New York Times - Social Media Success!

​Here is an article from the New York Times about my work in B2B social media at Expert Laser Services where I worked as the Social Media Marketing Manager and Managed Print Services Consultant.

Recycler Magazine Reports On My Book

Recycler Magazine covers the release of my book "Music, Mischief And Marketing: A Guerrilla's Guide For The Creative Protagonist".​


Mark Schaefer Hails My Work As "Genius"

{GROW}Blog Author Mark Schaefer talks about my infamous "Destroy Your Printer Contest" and suggests that it may be one of the first true examples of a B2B social media success story.​ Mark has also featured the contest as a case study in his book "Return On Influence".

DYPC Featured in "No Bullshit Social Media"

Authors Jason Falls and Erik Deckers feature my "Destroy Your Printer Contest" series as a case study in social media success in their book "No Bullshit Social Media".

DYPC Featured in "Visual Marketing" Book

Authors Anita Campbell and David Langton feature my "Destroy Your Printer Contest" series as a case study in visual marketing success in their book "Visual Marketing".

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